Shaping Europe in Vilnius

We are proud to announce that Vilnius was chosen to host a regional meeting of Global Shapers from Europe – Shape Europe 2015.


The event in Vilnius will aspire to build the capacity and impact of local shapers initiatives by finding ways and enabling the mobilisation of European and Global shapers to use their networks, skills and knowledge crossing the national and regional boundaries.


Despite on-going globalization around the globe, we are still living between cultural, social and political borders between regions and countries, still limiting the movement of people, ideas and resources across those areas.

Those borders however can’t stop from spreading the various issues and challenges we are facing today. This event will be focused on the need to make better use of our mobility, diverse networks and know-how. Therefore, the theme Vilnius HUB has chosen for Shape Europe event is “Global Citizens. Local Challenges”.


More than a hundred Global Shapers from all over Europe are expected to share their ideas, discuss them with inspiring speakers, participate in workshops and have a great time in Vilnius.

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For three days Vilnius will become the capital of great minds as Global Shapers will gather to shape the future of Europe as they share their powerful ideas and solve local problems together.